Case Studies - United Federation of Teachers (UFT)

United Federation of TeachersUNITED FEDERATION OF TEACHERS (UFT)

390,000 USF


The United Federation of Teachers, the United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund and the New York State United Teachers (“UFT”) moved their core business programs from three buildings in Midtown South/Gramercy Park in NYC to two adjacent buildings in lower Manhattan, 50 and 52 Broadway.

The total area of the combined property is 740,000 Rentable Square Feet (RSF). 50 Broadway encompasses 340,000 RSF and 52 Broadway encompasses 400,000 Rentable Square Feet.

The UFT ultimately liquidated office furniture that occupied approximately 300,000 square feet of office space from multiple buildings at 260 Park Avenue South, 48 East 21st Street, 49 East 21st Street and 45 East 20th Street (the buildings). 

The Meehan Group was retained to plan and manage both stages of this project.  Meehan implemented the move over several phases, hurdled logistical issues with construction and lease obligations at destination, and successfully managed a smooth transition.